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FasseTrack Asset Management System

FasseTrack is a powerful, multi-user asset management system for electronic tracking of fixed assets within each area of your operations. Assets are uniquely identified by user-assigned tag number, which may be generated on bar code labels for subsequent scanning by bar code readers and portable data collection terminals. FasseTrack keeps you abreast of the status of every asset in one or many organizations.


FasseTrack Asset Management System Screen CaptureFasseTrack is a flexible and user-friendly system. It simplifies identifying, locating, and tracking all assets, from computers to general office equipment to furniture.







In just a keystroke, FasseTrack allows you to:

  • Track assets according to physical identification, acquistion, disposal, depreciation, organization, location and consignee details, with all key information on a single screen
  • Assign and re-assign assets individually or by group, category, type, identifier, status, organization, location and consignee
  • Define and create custom fields relevant to your needs
  • Produce a wide variety of pre-defined and custom reports
  • Document asset maintenance details, including individual and cumulative maintenance costs, work orders, etc.
  • Transfer asset data to and from other software applications and portable data collection terminals, including FasseTrack Mobile, Compusult's mobile system for asset tracking on a Handheld Portable Device
  • Maintain a complete and secure audit trail of all transactions

Your Complete Source of Asset Information

FasseTrack maintains information on:

  • Over 50 asset parameters, plus images and user-defined data
  • Individual components and grouped collections of assets
  • Asset life, valuation, and current status
  • Asset location, consignee, maintenance, and work order histories
  • Asset acquisition, in-service, warranty, and lease dates, with automatic calculation of asset age, days remaining on warranties and leases, and project disposal date or useful life
  • Current asset book value and accumulated depreciation (five methods are available)
  • Asset check-in/check-out schedules, consignees, and status

What's new in FasseTrack 4

FasseTrack 4 incorporates the following additions and enhancements:

  • An improved user interface, for even easier access to asset details, with all key data logically organized on a single form
  • More user-definable data fields, settings and preferences
  • Quick lists that you can view and print from most forms
  • An integrated check-in/check-out facility with one-click access
  • Two improved and expanded ad hoc query and reporting facilities that allows you to create and save custom reports for almost any need
  • The ability to store and annotate multiple images associated with an asset, such as digital photos or scanned documents
  • An improved and expanded data import/export module
  • Improved Local and Wide Area Network performance
  • More system administration and security features
  • An expanded user's manual and on-line help facility that are comprehensive and easy to use

Full Bar Code Capability

FasseTrack features comprehensive bar code support, including:

  • Enterprise-wide tracking of assets, using almost any bar code type and even long, alphanumeric codes
  • Data entry and searching in any field using bar code scanners and readers
  • A quick bar code search capability on the main asset information form
  • Bar code label printing on Windows-compatible laser and ink jet printers
  • Optional printing of asset bar codes on almost any report
  • Integrated support of FasseTrack PDA, a hand held portable data collection terminal with built-in laser scanner and mobile FasseTrack software for full data portability and synchronization
  • Data transfers to and from any third-party portable data collection terminal that uses ASCII files and a serial interface
  • The FasseTrack Starter Kit option, which includes the FasseTrack software, FasseTrack PDA portable data collection terminal with integrated bar code scanner, 30 days of technical support, and 1000 pre-printed bar code labels to tag your asset


FasseTrack offers the following reporting features:

  • A standard set of over 40 asset management reports
  • The ability to customize report specifications and content for increased flexibility
  • Two advanced and easy-to-use database querying and custom reporting facilities
  • Quick lists that you can view, copy, sort and print from most forms
  • The ability to preview any report printing
  • Output to any printer that uses standard Microsoft Windows printer drivers
  • The ability to export FasseTrack data and reports to word processors, spreadsheets and other applications
  • Integration with Microsoft Office products

Enterprise Integration

FasseTrack is designed to inter-operate with other software, giving you unprecedented control of information in a single tool. FasseTrack is client/server based and works over Windows or TCP/IP networks. Customizable security features limit access privileges to select individuals and information. This means flexible, but secure, data management for you.

Advanced Features

FasseTrack's advanced features include:

  • 32-bit design for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
  • Full Year-2000 compliance
  • Microsoft Office compatibility
  • User-definable capabilities for efficient data entry
  • Support for Local and Wide Area Networks

Additional FasseTrack Data Management Solutions

Compusult also offers Fassetrack data management solutions for applications such as:

  • Inventory Control
  • Delivery Tracking (Route Accounting)
  • Time and Attendance
  • Item Check-In/Check-Out
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Requisitions and Purchase Orders
  • Fleet Management
  • Materials Procurement and Forecasting
  • Production Management and Reporting

FasseTrack Customization

In addition to the many features and flexibility built into FasseTrack, there may be other requirements that your organization especially needs. No problem. Compusult can produce custom versions of FasseTrack to accommodate any desired functionality. We also provide training, data conversion, and technical support services.

Call us toll free at 1-888-388-8180 or send e-mail to for more details or a free quotation.

System Requirements

FasseTrack is designed to run on computer systems with the following minimum configuration:

  • Microsoft Windows 98, NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4.0 or later), 2000 or XP
  • Intel Pentium III or better processor
  • 128 MB of available RAM
  • 357 MB of available hard disk drive space for the FasseTrack Single User Standard Version
  • 101 MB of available hard disk drive space for the FasseTrack Server Standard Version
  • 256 Mb of available hard disk drive space for the FasseTrack Client Standard Version
  • 256-color monitor capable of 800 x 600 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive (for installation only)

FasseTrack Asset Management System Screen Capture Licensing and pricing information for FasseTrack systems and various options are available upon request.








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