Transfer & Sync Data

Transfer and Sync Data

FasseTrack Mobile is a portable data management system for electronic data collection and tracking of items within your organization. FasseTrack Mobile is integrated with Compusult's FasseTrack system to allow transfer and synchronization of data to and from Desktop PCs and servers. The latest version now runs on iOS and Android-based phones and tablets, as well as Janam and Aceeca PDTs. It also supports RFID tag reading and barcode scanning.

User Friendly Interface

FasseTrack Mobile allows you to:

  • Support RFID tag reading and barcode scanning
  • Transfer data from FasseTrack on a Desktop PC or server to a compatible mobile device
  • Scan and verify items and/or update the data on the mobile device based on information you gather in one or more locations
  • Transfer verified and new data in wireless or batch mode to the main FasseTrack database

FasseTrack Mobile grants access to all functions through a user-friendly interface and allows you to use other applications available for the mobile device.

User Friendly Interface


In addition to the many features and flexibilities built into FasseTrack, there may be other requirements that your organization needs. Compusult can produce custom versions of FasseTrack to accommodate any desired functionality. We also provide training, data conversion, technical support services, and supply of barcode and RFID products and services.